Guidelines for authors


Dear writers,

I would like to offer you a space to write about whatever crosses your mind as a foreigner living in or visiting Finland. My Salmiakki Life is there for us and all of you are welcome to contribute!

Nonetheless, there must be some basic rules established:

  1. language of writing is English – but don’t be afraid if your English is not perfect. Mine is neither. Most important is if you have something to say. Everything else can be polished.
  2. max. length of one blog is 2500 words. Longer texts will be divided into more blogs.
  3. max. 2 pictures can be added in JPG form
  4. constructive criticism is appreciated, but not a hate speech
  5. texts with discriminatory content based on sex, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion etc. will not be published
  6. anonymous texts will not be published, but we can discuss publishing under the nickname if it’s necessary to protect the author’s identity
  7. publishing is free of charge and there is no payment for authors
  8. blog publishing is unenforceable

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