How to karaoke alone – safety tips for girls and women

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I have been singing karaoke for almost three years, and there came times where I would have no one to join me. That had never stopped me. But… I have to say that I have earned some unpleasant experience. And though I was not harmed or hurt, I learned something… and slowly I have created a list of unwritten rules that I try to follow to stay out of trouble.

So, what to do, when you wanna go out singing alone?

Avoid the unknown, stick to the good old

However tempting it might be to try a new karaoke place, if you are alone, you wanna stick to the places you are already familiar with – familiar karaoke bar, familiar location, familiar guests… You can end up in a weird situation there too, but you will know where to go, how to get out of there or who to ask for help if really needed. And you will not have to deal with the orientation issues.
(Yeah, I do tend to get lost on places a lot. And I mean really A LOT. Not very handy for escaping, right? That’s why this is my rule number one.)

Be nice to the staff

It somehow goes hand in hand with rule number 1. If you come to a place regularly, you do become familiar not only with the place but also with the people working there.

My number one karaoke bar was always Kaivopihan karaokekellari (at some point it almost felt like my second home) and one of the top reasons is the staff. They were professional but as well very nice and friendly and when I was bothered by someone, they always helped.

Choose your company

Part of the girl-going-out-alone problem is, that people will want to talk to you, join you, especially with the night approaching and the level of alcohol rising. And by the “people” I mean drunk or/and horny guys (I apologize to all the decent men, who might be reading this. I do not mean you!). You do not have to be downright mean or cold, but do not accept anybody’s company and politely refuse at your table anyone who might feel unpleasant. It is all about the gut feeling you have. And in this case, it is always a “better safe than sorry” situation. You do not have to talk to someone just because they approached you and asked you sort of politely.

Also, it is good to pick a visible place. No time for privacy and dark corners.

I have to say, though, that after a while of regular singing, you will automatically create a safety net of karaoke friends and buddies, you can rely on. I do visit three karaoke places regularly, and after years of singing, I can be sure that anytime I come there, there is someone to talk to, to sit with, to be safe around – either staff or customers.

Mind what you drink

Just as you take good care of your personal items, you do not want to leave your drink unattended. Ever! I have heard too many bad stories of things being slipped into a drink and just because it has not happened to me yet, it does not mean I can be careless.

Also, just because someone is offering, does not mean you have to accept. Drink only as much as you really want… and in case you are out alone, I would say, one glass and that is enough. Just pretend that you will be driving back home. It usually works.

Watch your time

This one can save a lot of trouble. If I go out alone, I try to go as early as possible (preferably when the place opens) and leave just as the rush hour starts (around 21.00, 22.00 at the latest).
After that, the atmosphere in the karaoke bar rapidly changes into a regular bar atmosphere and there is a higher risk of having to deal with some of the stuff mentioned before.

So there you go.

Now you’re ready to karaoke alone.

Have fun and stay safe.

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