Petting a python – How petting bigoted thoughts asphyxiate its possessors


Nerve-racking suspicious news has been circulating on the Internet for a while that a pet python was about to eat its owner but the vets detected the cabal plan at right time and the women narrowly escaped death. According to the news, the python-loving lady noticed that her beloved pet gradually stopped eating. She took her pet python to see a veterinarian. After a thorough check-up and getting more information, the doctors told the owner that the Python was planning and preparing its stomach to swallow her. Explaining the matter with the woman, the doctors added that the snake measures the size of its prey when wraps up. And by starving snakes or pythons will be emptying and softening their stomach for an oversize meal. Vets’ tale was enough to dumbfound the woman.

The second news made people believe that pet pythons can kill their owners. Daniel L. Brandon, 31, died from asphyxiation by his female African rock python named Tiny on 25 August 2018. Daniel was a python lover and he had petted Tiny since it was a small reptile. Over the passage of time, Tiny has grown to oversize his owner and killed him.

Despite these ghastly incidents, people still pet pythons and poisonous snakes. A question might arise why people like to pet pythons, snakes, bears, or dangerous animals instead of other domesticated animals. I have no reasonable answer to this.

In addition to petting these hazardous pets, there are people who are petting speculative and prejudiced ideas. Apparently, the owners of such bigoted hypotheses and assumptions do receive some kind of (fake) mental pleasure. Like pet python, we can name these pleasures superiority complex, pride, fundamentalism, apartheidist and chauvinism etc. These negative feelings are nicely nicknamed patriotism and theism. But beautiful labelling does not change the effect of poisonous thoughts and actions. In order to perpetuate the pet of superiority complex, one has to irrigate it by making others feel inferior and by oppressing others.

Such people continue to feed their superiority feelings through undermining other men’s skin colour, dress, lifestyle, language, and beliefs. Because these negative thoughts, actions, gestures, and feelings generate (fake) mental pleasures.

Such people do not realize the hurt and agony of others, because hurting others feed their supremacy. They do not know they are petting pythons in their heads and carrying them to their offices, workplaces, cafes, parks, educational institutes, sports center, shopping malls and worship places.

When these pythons flash through negative attitude, victims do suffer. But possessors of negative thoughts do not know that they are discrediting their own religion, nation and country. There may be a fake pleasure of patriotism. But in actuality image of patriotism and country will be at the stake.

Negative thought are often labeled a service to society, nation, homeland, language, or religion. If the simple method of compassion, cooperation, friendship, and mutual respect is adopted, a positive reputation can be earned for the nation, homeland, or religion to which people belong to.

Do you want people to respect your homeland or your faith? Do you want people to respect your society and your way of life? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”, this is the golden rule that should be followed.

In 1963, an Asian country had lent 25 million rupees to Germany (then West Germany) just 16 years after its inception, which would be equivalent to 300 million rupees today. The passport holders of the newly established country could enter 149 countries without a visa. And now when you hear the name of that country, you get the impression of terrorism, lawlessness, hatred, and racism. Thus racism and greed for supremacy have gulped down many other countries and nations. These bitter historical facts are like impotent warnings on cigarette’s packets. But the lesson is that lawlessness, discrimination, hate and racism that damaged other peaceful societies and nations, will not be allowed to affect my nation and society. Because imposing your beliefs, lifestyles and supremacy on others mean putting the image of beloved homelands and religions at risk.

On another hand, there is no shortage of opportunists who are more adept at deliberately stepping on the tail of your python to ignite your negative feelings to play the victim and prove you wrong. Remember that two negative forces cannot produce positive results. It is good to consider your culture, language, religion, holy books, and country best for you, but declaring all others unclean will raise questions about your holiness.

Considering particular race and land superior to others are often attributed to nationalism or called patriotism. Often such attitudes put the particular race and land at stake. But morality is associated with compassion, charity, truth, gratitude and respect. Morality exalts us above the skin colours to realize that “Life itself Matters” and Love never fails.

Would not “life itself matters”, is better than white or black life matters? If really human skin colours matter then just two years ago in Johannesburg, people of the same skin colour would have not cut and bitten each other. In fact “ego matters”, “ vested interest matters”.

Remember that negative thoughts are pet pythons. People call their hazardous pets with nice and beautiful nicknames.  But putting a catchy label doesn’t change effects. A terrible wolf in sheep clothing can appear like a sheep but will not eat grass. It has to hunt a sheep. As mentioned earlier, a 2,5-meter long pet python, Tiny, killed its owner, Daniel Brandon. In another similar incident, Mr Lamar was killed by his best Burmese breed pet python which he bought for three dollars from a local store. 

Be mindful of the political stores you are receiving your ideas and thoughts. Negative thoughts can be hazardous. No one can stop you to pet a python but please do not feed it on my cats and dogs.


  1. Nice read. It reminded me of this quote, “Never let the same snake bite you twice”.. Sadly, sadly, sadly, racists do not care for anything,e.g their country, and society. People never learn from history. Kabul (Afghanistan) was among the clean and green cities of the world in 1970, and Pakistan has given loans to Germans in 1963… “The Python” swallowed several countries in Asia and Africa now being dragged to Europe. A friend sent the link for the article but I found that this website is an educational forum. Keep your good works up.

    1. Dear Jamal! Thank you very much for your supportive words. It is sad to hear how petting the python has dramatically changed cultures, countries and whole societal groups. This is so so sad and scary. I hope we can bring more articles that make us all think about the world around us. With many greetings, Lubica

  2. I love the way the writer uses stories to lead into the psychological diagnosis of hatred and biases that consume the owner. Loved the analogy you used.
    Reminds me of a poem “ A Poison Tree” by William Blake.
    The article has also reminded me of the last London Mayor Elections. I campaigned for Zac Goldsmith against Sadiq Khan. Zac lost and the largest contributor to his failure was the venomous campaign against the opponent that the Political Party agreed to run. Zac himself was uncomfortable with the stance and admitted this later.
    Thank U so much ….your articles are interesting, real and thoughtful!!

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