Uncle goes to work – Some tips and thoughts on seeking and securing employment


“Person armed with an income greater than that of a man armed with weapons.” The original word used in my native language for “person” in that phrase means male as opposed to female. Until one hundred years ago, the “male” gender was superior to the female. As suggested by the names of many occupations, these occupations were restricted to men only.

Economic dependence on men meant that women had to live on the man’s discretion. Economic dependence upon men meant that women had an inferior social status and survived as a dependent member of society. And women also become birth machines.

Despite farming, raising live stocks, doing all the house chores and but just not having their personal income, the men still treated women as the delicate opposite sex. In the wake of social revolutions, women’s dependence on men has declined. Sadly, in most countries around the world, women continue to live in precarious social situations due to lack of income, employment or commercial activities.

Now we are able to better understand the effects of this weapon. Because strong communities limit the employment or revenue sources of their opponents. Countries apply economic sanctions to one another for the gain of political interests. Even though one of the spouses does not have their own income, it becomes a big problem and a great disgrace to the individual involved. The opportunists use the old anti-woman tactics to tell one group in society that the people from another community are abusing its economic rights. They will believe and express their anger about another group.

Another hand, certain ignorant members of the minority community also create an unreasonable fear in their community by saying that the other community does not allow you to work or do business. Having divided humanity in the colors these troublemakers have also divided occupations into colors, e. g white-collar jobs and blue-collar work. These colors were intended to refer to occupations but ignorant try to label groups to fuel their vested interests.

Instead of encouraging people, some unknown people churning their rumour mills from unknown sources to certain groups in the society through a plan that people of your race, region, color or religion will not get a good job in the first place. If you find a job, you will be subjected to severe work torture and discrimination. Good jobs mean white-collar jobs. And they keep saying these things with such atone of compassion that an unqualified, uneducated person is going to believe and complain about not having a white-collar job. To counter these two types of extremists, first of all:

Trust yourself – Identify your skills and qualifications in an honest manner. Employers are more interested in their profits than in your name, religion, color and gender. They calculate how they can save a maximum of the 100% earned from your time, skills, qualifications, and experiences and give you a portion in the name of salary, allowances and benefits.

Be positive – Positivity begets positivity. There is a great deal of misinformation out there for political purposes. Your success depends on your approach to your work and to work’s fellows. Remember the well-known phrase: “you are hired for your qualification, but you are fired for your attitudes”. You can secure your work by doing your tasks decently, honesty, hard work, punctuality, and by providing assistance to other workers.

Don’t feel bad about it – Do not count the applications you sent. Every job application is first you are sending to a firm. If you send your second request for the same position to the same company you may count it two. Believe in your own worth. Don’t be disappointed and don’t feel bad about it. If employers don’t hire you because they are also losing a qualified worker for their business. The full-time job of a job seeker is to keep applying until he obtains a job.

Seek advice – Finland is not immune to exploitation, but it is at a minimum level. There are a number of organizations whose sole objective is to assist job seekers. Consultation with organizations such as työpolku is important. Secondly, by subscribing to service providers like Bolt Works, you don’t just connect to employers, but your salaries, allowances, taxes and benefits will be secured under the Finnish legal framework.

My summer Job

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My honest calculation brought me to the conclusion that my last twenty-eight years of continuous profession as a teacher, counsellor, writer and translator will not help me to get a job until I get fluent speaking Finnish. At the age of 50, I jumped into submitting job applications with the support of työpolku. I have not counted how many applications I had sent but finally, I was called for a job interview.

I had my first job interview at Bolt Works. The interviewer was very friendly and frankly thankful for my Finnish language skills. I was informed after two days that I can start fixed-term employment at Posti to help sort outposts and to distribute them in particular circles. A nice employee of Bolt Works delivered safety shoes to my house in the late afternoon.

On day one, I got at the Posti Business Point 25 minutes early. A nice lady showed me all the rooms, toilets, locker rooms, fridges, and told me about coffee and meal breaks. Later, the supervisor greeted me and introduced me to other senior staff and asked him to assist with my tasks.

On that hot day, the temperature was 31°C. The supervisor gathered together all the workers and advised us to take more breaks and drink a lot of water. The short speech demonstrates that people take care of one another under this large roof. If we respect and care for each other, we can extend that roof throughout Finland. If all humanity acts in this way, we can live in peace and harmony under Heaven’s roof.

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