The main purpose of this project is to give a voice to foreigners in Finland. By writing, we can raise awareness about topics important to us. By sharing our stories we might help others to see who we are, what we are passionate about, what are our strengths and talents. We can also point to obstacles and difficulties in our integration process or discuss the experience with life in Finnish society.

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My Salmiakki Life would like to give foreigners in Finland the opportunity to share their unique experience and knowledge.

Immigrants in Finland are not one homogeneous group. It would be great if this blog is as diverse as possible. But I understand, that writing is not for everybody and that English is not the language every person can use. Still, if you want to be part of My Salmiakki Life we can try to find a way.

I believe we can help in the co-creation of a more culturally sensitive, diverse, inclusive and tolerant society in Finland.

Want to be a part of it? Read more blogging opportunities or let be interviewed 🙂 You can also contact me at

And why salmiakki life?

Salmiakki or salty liquorice is the very Finnish confectionery and the explosion of tastes, especially for foreigners 🙂 Although it might taste strange at the beginning, there are ways how to get used to it or how to even love it.

And this is exactly how life in Finland is (at least for me). Some things might feel strange and some others will become immediately your obsessions, like little pieces of salmiakki in the milk chocolate 🙂


Salmiakki - the explosion of tastes

Latest on My Salmiakki Life


Health care in Finland: better be healthy or wealthy

I am angry today. I have just realised how huge a soap bubble the welfare state is. I have realised that without money from gambling being pumped into social services and the pressure to buy private health care, this system would fall like a house of cards. We have old hospitals in Slovakia. You need…


2021 was a hell of the year…

When I turn back and reflect on my life for a while, I must admit I have never had such a difficult year as 2021. I had to make heavy decisions before, my heart was also broken a few times, I felt truly traumatized when we started our life in a new country. But still,…


When you forget how happy you actually are…

Appreciation is often forgotten. To focus on good things, we should be thankful for and remember them more often. Keeping in mind that what we have at the moment, is missing by many. Good things go often unrecognised and are taken for granted. It is vital to think about them occasionally. So, what do I…


Dear neighbours, where is the closest nuclear bunker?

I have never imagined myself asking this question during our lifetime. But I did it. A few hours ago. A few hours ago, when I found out, Putin commanded to have all the nuclear weapons prepared. The insane person with the hand on the button. With the power to destroy the world as we know…


When I moved to Finland, it felt like there was a match

I met Gulja in person exactly once. During a hot summer day in June 2021, when we agreed to meet to record the interview for this article. Before that, we had met only online. Despite meeting just once, I have this pleasant feeling, that I have known her for a much longer time than we…


How I suddenly started to play for the team Finland…

NGO that I currently work for has many projects run in international cooperation. And I have been participating in a few of them. The project’s workload and responsibilities are usually divided between the project’s partners, there are plenty of emails’ exchanges, often meetings at the place, but mostly online. Last week we had meetings with…


Why is saying NO so important and difficult at the same time?

I had recently a very new experience. In June 2021 I put together a group of volunteers in the Neighbourhood Mothers project whose responsibility was to design and coordinate Neighbourhood Mothers’ campaign to stop violence against women later the same year. Group had originally consisted of 9 members but after the enthusiastic beginnings, we ended…


More cultures – more understanding

My maiden name was Tornoczyova and I have a Hungarian background. My grandparents were part of the Hungarian minority living in the southern parts of Slovakia. My father’s first language is Hungarian and my grandparents had never learnt the proper Slovak language. Due to the difficult political relationships between Slovaks and Slovak-Hungarians, having a Hungarian…

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